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We're Rebranding!!

    We’re rebranding!! Leo + The Gemini has had success introducing and branding ourselves as a children’s clothing store.  It has been very fun and exciting shopping for fun, trendy, and quality clothing for your little ones.  We’ve had so much success from collaborating with Instagram influencers and you sharing photos of your cutie in our amazing styles.  Thank you so much for being a part of our growth! Over the last few months, everyone has been affected one way or another by COVID-19.  Children are not attending traditional schools, parents are working from home, new moms are delivering babies alone, parents are losing jobs, etc.  Everyone has been forced to transition into a new way of life.  During...

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Introducing Mommy Gift Sets!!

    There is no greater gift than the gift of being a mom.  We love to see our little cuties faces and snuggle and cuddle with them but when it's no longer cuteness overload it's mommy is about to explode.  Being a mom is a job within itself but when we add other titles and responsibilities we find ourselves stressed beyond measure.  As a first time mom and first time business owner I often struggle balancing all the many aspects of my life and also finding time to care for myself.  Simply taking 30 minutes to unwind can often be a struggle but I've learned that I have to make time for myself.  The two times in the day...

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