Story Behind The "My Joy" Bracelet Collection

In August of 2014 I was diagnosed with premature ovarian failure, also known as primary ovarian insufficiency.  Essentially it is my body going into premature menopause before the age of 40.  I was only 26 years of age.  I knew of this condition because another woman in my family had also been diagnosed with the same condition.  I knew this basically meant if I wanted to become pregnant it had to happen soon because every day my window was closing.  I went to a different doctor and even a specialist and everyone told me the same thing.  I needed to get pregnant soon or discuss options such as freezing my eggs or IVF.  As I continued through the years of dealing with this diagnosis, I encountered so many women who had their own struggles with fertility. I listened and absorbed the stories of trying IVF for years and not conceiving, miscarriages, and just simply the disappointment in never conceiving or having the opportunity to birth a healthy baby. Every story became etched in my heart and I begin thinking maybe I don’t want to try at all.  I always kept this little piece of hope in my heart that if it would be then it would be, but I let go of the need to try and I began to heal the pain behind the diagnosis. 


On December 26, 2018 I took a pregnancy test and received a positive result. I was completely shocked! I could not believe it.  I recall telling myself this is not real and I am not pregnant because I cannot conceive a child.  I took another test and received the same result.  I immediately called my doctor and at the time she told me it would be about 2 weeks before I could be seen.  I remember thinking that maybe I’m having an ectopic pregnancy because there was just no way I was really having a normal pregnancy.  It was all so surreal.  I was able to get an earlier appointment a few days after receiving the positive results and on this day, I heard the beating heart of my sweet boy.


Fast forward to today, I am now raising a healthy baby boy.  Jett.


I am still very hypersensitive to women infertility struggles and issues.  I am still troubled sometimes because I do think about how I was told Jett may never be.  I still think about the pain that I lived with.  However, all of this makes joy so much sweeter because I now know it is possible. 


Whether you are still trying to conceive, planning to conceive later, have conceived, planning to adopt, have adopted, or have birthed your little prince or princess we are connected and share a similar story.  Within our pain we find peace and in the end we have or will have joy. 


So, without further ado, I introduce the “My Joy” collection.


- Adrianne, Founder & Owner


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