We're Rebranding!!



We’re rebranding!!

Leo + The Gemini has had success introducing and branding ourselves as a children’s clothing store.  It has been very fun and exciting shopping for fun, trendy, and quality clothing for your little ones.  We’ve had so much success from collaborating with Instagram influencers and you sharing photos of your cutie in our amazing styles.  Thank you so much for being a part of our growth!

Over the last few months, everyone has been affected one way or another by COVID-19.  Children are not attending traditional schools, parents are working from home, new moms are delivering babies alone, parents are losing jobs, etc.  Everyone has been forced to transition into a new way of life.  During this transition I had a lot of time to think about the direction I would like Leo + The Gemini to go and how there’s something more that I could offer. 

Recently, we introduced Mommy Boxes and the interest and success of the boxes further confirmed that I needed to create a memorable and useful service for parents, families, and of course our beautiful babies.  Leo + The Gemini is transitioning to a curated gift service!  We will begin offering boxes for moms, dads, and babies that will be filled with awesome gifts and amazingly useful finds.  Every box will feature handpicked items (picked by ME, Adrianne) from super awesome small businesses.  These items will not be items you will find on the shelves of your local Target, but items that make you or the receiver feel special and unique.  All boxes will be nicely packaged with beautiful colored papers, cards, and stamped with the Leo + The Gemini logo. 

We are extremely excited about this reintroduction, not only because of what we know these boxes will mean to you, but what they mean for the small businesses that we will be supporting.  While many of the businesses we will be featuring are gravely successful, they too are always looking to grow their success and we are excited to be apart of this. 

As always, all products will meet the quality standards of Leo + The Gemini! Many of our boxes will feature, handmade, hand crafted, organic, food-safe and natural made products.  The things we have in store are awesome and amazing and we promise you are going to really enjoy the “new” Leo + The Gemini.

Again, your support and purchases have been and are still appreciated! Thank you!

Stay tuned!


- Adrianne, Founder & Owner


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